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Watercolor Spectrum


The exhibition Watercolor Spectrum presents works by John Bayalis, Helen Burkett, Kathy Houghton, Jenny Medved, William Perry, Diane Schmidt, Roger Parent, and Deborah Wicks, distinguished members of the Florida Watercolor Society, the state’s largest and most respected arts organization. A curated selection of watercolors by these award-winning artists and art educators features a variety of subject matters including portraits, still-lifes, and landscapes. Each painter has his or her own personal style and looks at different sites and cultures for inspiration.

Johnn Bayalis depicts cityscapes, including a melancholic Havana street. Helen Burkett finds inspiration in lively tropical flowers, while Kathy Houghton shows her fascination for magnificent exotic birds. Jenny Medved represents indigenous peoples from North America and the Pacific Islands. William Perry presents a variety of subjects including portraits, seascapes, and still-lifes. Diane Schmidt focuses on abstract figures while Roger Parent shows bright colored fragmented scenes. Finally, Deborah Wicks shares beautiful soft portraits. All of them are superb examples of the work produced by some of the most talented Florida West Coast artists.

Art Ovation Hotel is honored to present this wonderful Spectrum of works that celebrate the beauty held in watercolor art.