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Born and raised in Helmbrechts, Germany (1984)

Ulrich Mannchen discovered his passion for photography and developed the skills and love for analog black and white portraiture at an early age. He believes that “photography opens portals through which unseen patterns become visible and connect to the hidden magical world that surrounds us.”

The exhibition features two different series: “Portals – From Some Place Else,” which shows portraits of the wild and colorful world of Cosplayers, Steam Punks, and Lolitas, and “Lost Boys,” which evokes the inner child in him.

All of the photographs are silver gelatin prints, taken with a wooden 4×5 large format camera on traditional black and white film and developed with Kodak D76. The black and white prints from the “Portals” series are hand colored with high-quality photo oils. None of the pictures are digitally edited.