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Art Ovation Hotel is pleased to present The Independent Eye, an exhibition featuring Sarasota Visual Artists Studios (SVAS). Aligned with the Hotel’s mission of supporting and promoting West Florida-based artists, the show presents a selection of works by members of this local collaborative. SVAS is formed by award-winning artists dedicated to their individual and distinctive visions who devote themselves to creating art and educating audiences regarding their unique processes. Independent of one another and any particular canon, the contributing artists have demonstrated a resolute long-term commitment to their craft and to making artworks along their lines of inquiry.

SVAS members met in Sarasota, motivated by a shared desire to provide wider public access to their activities. They created a unique artistic and educational experience by opening their studios each year on the first Saturday of every month, from December to March. After four years of the program’s success, this cooperation has proven to be very inspiring for both artists and participants. Having access to the creators’ studios allows art lovers the opportunity to see the artists’ latest works and explore their processes in their natural environments, forging exciting visual experiences and conversations. For more information, please visit www.sarasotavisualartistsstudios.com .

The Independent Eye features photographs by Barbara Banks; photos and models by Michael Halflants; sculptures by Duncan Chamberlain; and paintings by Bill Buchman, Larry Forgard, Grace Howl, and Andrea Dasha Reich. The show also includes photographs by Chuck Reich. More recently, SVAS welcomed jewelry designer Ned Bowman who will be joining the studio tour in the upcoming 2019-2020 season.

The exhibition, which will be on view from October 2019 to April 2020, will simultaneously embrace the powers of individuality and unity, and showcase some of Sarasota’s most accomplished artists in Art Ovation Hotel’s magnificent galleries.


Chuck Reich

Grace Howl

Michael Halflants

Larry Forgard

Andrea Dasha Reich

Duncan Chamberlain

Bill Buchmann

Barbara Banks