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Romelle is an abstract artist based out of Denver, Colorado. She is motivated by the growth and resurgence of her hometown, Detroit, as it relates to the healing of humankind. She specializes in bright, highly textured pieces that bring spaces to life.

In the paintings presented in this exhibition, she examines her connection to water and particularly the ocean. Living in a landlocked state, she often resorts to memories and dreams to fill in the blanks.

“This series of works is not only a reflection of memories but also a projection of the future. While I simmer on who I was in different eras of my life, water remains a constant reminder of what I was, and what I can be. My work is my best attempt to describe all of these feelings at once,” she explains.

Romelle currently serves as the Creative Director for BABE WALLS Mural Festival, which features the work of women and non-binary artists.

IG: @r0melle // www.r0melle.com