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Pablo Contrisciani’s artwork explores the Universe and its unity in the infinite diversity of elements. The paintings depict the multiplicity of the Universe: the juxtapositions between chaos and harmony, constant change and movement, each of its parts containing the whole. The combination of all these components creates a visual plurality that the artist calls: Energies.

The variety of elements in these paintings is several energies vibrating simultaneously. This is visually communicated through highly saturated colors, a variety of gestural brushstrokes and shapes, a sense of overall rhythmic movement and the illusion of tridimensional space. These compositions have two readings: A first one that comes like a blow, in which all areas clamor in unison at the top of their lungs. And a second one when the viewer realizes that each painting is in fact the sum of its parts, individual brushstrokes that when put together create harmony.

 The Eyes of the Heart is an exhibition displaying a collection of works from the Energies series. The title references a powerful perspective shift: seeing the world through the loving lens of your heart. According to many, love is one of the highest frequencies through which humans can create. Tuning into love and seeing through the eyes of the heart, is a higher vibration not hindered by the ego. In this state, the artist creates a masterpiece from the heart, not the mind, and the viewer can feel this energy when exploring the work.