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María Silvana Sandoval was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1970. She studied fine arts and graduated with a Visual Arts Teacher’s degree from the Martín Malharro School in Mar del Plata, in 1991. She has taken courses at the Ceramic School in Mar del Plata and the Escuela Superior de Arte Ernesto de la Cárcova, in Buenos Aires. For over thirty years, she has taught art in several educational institutions in Mar del Plata, Capital Federal, San Isidro, Pinamar, and General Madariaga.

She describes her artist’s statement in the following poem:

“I live in front of the sea, a cold, unruly sea loaded with Patagonian winds.
I find small “treasures,” ground materials, washed wood, and seeds, which inspire me and find meaning in my paintings on its beaches.
I imagine a place where my Emotions live.
I build my Spaces between subtle textures and found objects…
On this journey, without a compass or a beacon, I will cast off.
It will be a desire again, which is almost no desire, a feeling of Heartbeat and Rebellion.
In the Rompiente, the stones’ song is heard, the waves tell stories through the veins of its Waters.
The sea cradles my emotions and gives me back sand and mist.”

Her pictorial work has been featured in group and individual exhibitions in Argentina and the United States. She has also participated in numerous “artistic actions” with the “Grupo Convergencias,” directed by Beatriz Orozco, in the city of Pinamar during the annual International Film Festival (2002-2010).

María Silvana Sandoval lives and works in Mar del Plata, Argentina.


María Silvana Sandoval