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Jeffrey Glassover

effrey H. Glassover was born in 1952. He has lived in Paris, New York, Westport (Connecticut), Los Angeles, and Miami. Currently, he resides in Naples, Florida.

Over the years, Jeffrey has worked in several traditional media, including oils and acrylics. The pieces featured in this exhibition, however, reflect his contemporaneous exploration of, and experimentation with, the realm of digital art. Each painting is created entirely on a computer, and it personifies a bold attempt to synthesize the seemingly disparate worlds of human consciousness and digital technology.

According to the artist, “As a species, we stand on the cusp of a profound new era, which promises to usher in a transformation of human consciousness. From this perspective, the computer represents a powerful tool for navigating the apparent chasm looming between human cognition and artificial intelligence… Like all truly original art, each of these paintings is initially created in the veiled recesses of the unconscious mind. The world’s ancient mystical traditions have various names for this hidden universe of verdant energy, from which emerges all human creativity. The constant challenge for every serious artist is to tap into and nurture this powerful creative energy, while simultaneously having the awareness and discipline to avoid the interruption of its flow by interjecting the obstacle personified by the self-conscious ego.”

Complimenting his talents as an artist, Jeffrey is also a self-taught pianist, a prolific composer, a successful entrepreneur, and a practicing attorney.