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Daniela Steiner was born in Venezuela. She graduated as a licensed architect in 1988 and worked for five years in the field of design. An interest in personal growth, psychology, and psychotherapy inspired her to become a psychotherapist. Since then, she has approached art as one of her forms of expression and inner healing.

In 2015, after a long personal and professional journey, she decided to take her art to the next level by using it to express her creativity. She embarked on a continuous exploration of color, materials, and mark-making that has ignited her creative spark to this day.

As an artist, her primary purpose is to share the expressions of her inner being using color, lines, and composition. She uses an organic and lyrical abstraction that gives a sense of nurturing and continuity and expresses the healing energies she wants to share in her artwork.

She lives and works in Aventura, Florida.


Daniela Steiner