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Romelle is an abstract painter based out of Denver, Colorado. She is motivated by the growth and resurgence of her hometown, Detroit, as it relates to the overall healing of mankind. She specializes in bright, highly textured pieces that bring spaces to life.

Over the course of her career, Romelle has been involved in three different Art Residencies that have allowed her to explore various cities. After graduating from University of Colorado Boulder, she found herself back home in Detroit, where she was the first resident artist for PLAYGROUND DETROIT x Ponyride’s AIR program, in 2016. She continued to help build The Forge Detroit’s Artist Residency program in 2017, which continues to support the efforts of emerging artists to this day.

Most recently, Romelle moved to Denver and was the Artist in Residence for TAXI Community in 2019.

Romelle has since shown her work at Aqua Miami, during Art Basel in 2019, and various other shows in Denver, Detroit, and New York City.

She is currently serving as the Creative Director for BABE WALLS Mural Festival, which features the work of women and non-binary people in art.

IG: @r0melle // www.r0melle.com