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Roberto Carlos Trevino Rodriguez (b. Monterrey, Mexico, 1980) is a self-taught artist. He studied electronics (1995-1999) and graphic design (2000) before financial difficulties required he give up his abandon his academics. Rodriguez continued to develop his creative skills while he earned his livelihood producing graphic works, drawings, oil and acrylic paintings, wall paintings, and stage paintings; he also taught the airbrush technique.

Since 2010, Rodriguez has been a member of Monterrey’s ART Project – a group of artists who join efforts to produce and promote contemporary art. His art mirrors his emotions and his critical humor, noted in his oil and airbrush paintings – characterized by a mixture of hyperrealism and pop art. Rodriguez’s motifs may be described as subtle, peaceful and gentle. According to the Trevino, “painting helps him relax and disconnect from the daily chaos. It also allows him to find a balance in a very turbulent Mexican society.”

Rodriguez has shown his work Mexico, Europe and the United States.