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Born in Schwartzland, Germany (1965)

Jan Schlegel discovered his passion for photography at the age of fourteen. Since 1998, he has travelled to places secluded from the tourism of the Western world and has observed the rapid decline of traditions and the increasing change of the way of life of the people within their tribes.

His pictures bear witness of his special encounters with unique people on his trips to Africa and Asia. They portray people, capture impressions, and preserve traditional life forms. His black and white photographs are taken with a 4×5 field camera (Ebony SV45 Ti) on traditional film (Kodak Tmax 400). The negatives are developed in Kodak D76 Developer 1+1 dilution. None of his images are digitally edited.

Schlegel teaches courses in photography and takes students through Africa and Asia. He is exclusively represented by Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, Munich, Germany.