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“After a long, high-level corporate career, I had an experience that changed my life. I awoke a different person, verbalization was difficult, I didn’t recognize my face in the mirror; however, I saw colors and images and visualized the world in a completely new way.”

Grace intuitively turned to art to transform herself. As a self-taught artist, she began using paint as her new language. Abstraction has replaced the corporate concrete and color has replaced words. Art has allowed her to convey her emotions, her interpretation of life, her interactions with people and her storytelling.

She is inspired by several well-known artists including Helen Frankenthaler, Pablo Picasso, Antoni Tapies, Alberto Burri, Lee Krasner, Georgia O’Keeffe, Henri Matisse, and Syd Solomon. Howl wants viewers that look at her art to appreciate the interconnectedness of life and creativity. Her canvases provide an immersive and intriguing experience, stirring the public’s imagination and evoking emotional responses.

In her artist’s statement, she indicates: “Art is a visual experience. It can be compromised with words. I prefer to let viewers reach into themselves and discover what they feel and see rather than interrupt their internal conversations with my words.”

Her work belongs to private and corporate collections in Boston, California, Chicago, Florida, New York, Washington D.C., Canada, and the United Kingdom.