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Giosvany Echevarría was born in the municipality of Viñales, Pinar del Río, Cuba. In 1986, he graduated from the Provincial School of Visual Arts in his province. Four years later, he completed graduate studies at the National School of Visual Arts in Havana. His artwork has been exhibited in more than thirty group shows, including international venues and art fairs, such as Dallas Art Fair, Art Wynwood, Art Miami, EXPO Chicago, Houston Fine Art Fair, LA Art Show, Arteaméricas, Art Hamptons, Art Palm Beach, American International Fine Art Fair, Art20 & Modernism, Art DC and Art Santa Fe, among others. Giosvany Echevarría has been represented by Cernuda Arte since 2005.

Giosvany’s renditions celebrate the majestic beauty of the Viñales Valley in the province of Pinar del Río, depicting its renowned mogotes (hillocks), rivers, streams and palm trees. Breathtaking sceneries unfurl with an artful blend of placid atmospheric mood and meticulous brushstrokes. His magnificent compositions clearly show the artist’s fascination with his surroundings and his mastery of the fine art of hyperreal landscape painting.

As journalist and art critic, Jesus Hernández commented in his essay on the work of Giosvany Echevarría, The Natural Enchantment of Landscapes:

“Stemming from within those canons – observation, realism and conviction of modernity – is the precise paintbrush of Giosvany Echevarría, whose work we have fortunately come to know during these years. An artist who, although an heir to the Cuban landscape tradition, is defined by the most natural hyperrealism, beyond that of the French pictorial Romanticism and Realism that influenced the first exponents of landscape painting on the island, during the second half of the 19th century with the Chartrand brothers…

The core of his body of work is mostly focused on depicting the presence of mogotes (hillocks), streams and palm trees which reveal harmoniously the idyllic image of the Viñales Valley in his native Pinar del Río, grounded in the luminous effect that so finely tunes this sublime setting.

Perhaps it might suffice to say that Giosvany Echevarría portrays with hyperrealist mastery, each and every detail that comprises the landscape – from the lush grass that exudes freshness, to the palm trees that stand tall while the wind sways their crests…” uba.