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John Duncan Chamberlain was born into an artistic family in 1962. His father was the world-renowned scrap-metal auto-part sculptor John Chamberlain. From the time he was two until the age of ten he lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After his mother Elaine passed away, he moved to Manhattan, New York, to live with his father. He attended Village Community School and graduated from Elisabeth Irwin High School in 1980. He moved back to Santa Fe where he worked in masonry construction.

In 1988, Duncan traveled to Sarasota, Florida to visit his father. It was during this trip that he decided Sarasota was where he wanted to live. He started working as an assistant, cutting, welding and fabricating parts for his dad’s abstract-expressionistic sculptures. After twenty-five years working side by side with him, Duncan began to work on his artwork. Today he is a well-established, skillful, and inspired metal sculptor. In his own words, “he has a connection with sculpture, working with metal, particularly aluminum. I see the characteristics of rawness, elegance, grace, and whimsy in my work.”

His work has been shown in galleries and museums in Florida, Vermont, and New Mexico.