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Daniela Steiner is a Venezuelan artist who graduated as a licensed architect in 1988. She worked for five years in the field of design until and interest in personal growth, psychology, and psychotherapy arose. She set her sights on becoming a psychotherapist.

Through this time, she maintained art as one of her forms of expression and inner healing. She also participated in several exhibitions where she was chosen among a group of contestants to exhibit her pieces in renowned museums such as the Lia Bermudez Museum, country clubs, and other locations in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

She spent many years searching for her emotional and mental blocks, intending to allow her creative energy to flow freely. In 2015, after a long personal and professional journey, she decided to take her art to the next level by expressing the creative and healing energies she had found. She dedicated her time to explore with new colors, materials, and mark-making to ignite the creative spark. She continued to participate in group exhibitions, including the Wynwood Juried Show in Miami, Florida, in 2018.

As an artist, her primary purpose is to share the expressions of her inner being using color, lines, and composition. She uses an organic and lyrical abstraction that gives a sense of nurturing and continuity and expresses the healing energies she wants to share in her artwork.

She lives and works in Aventura, Florida.