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Bill Buchman studied painting and drawing with Victor D’Amico at the Institute of Modern Art, East Hampton, and with Fletcher Martin at the Albany Institute of Art, Albany, New York. He later attended Cornell University’s School of Fine Arts, Boston University’s School of Liberal Arts, and earned a bachelor and a master’s degree in music from the New England Conservatory of Music. Before moving to Sarasota, Florida, in 2001, he worked and exhibited in Europe, primarily in Scandinavia, for over twenty years.

Bill has developed his own artistic vocabulary, pushing the idiom of abstract gestural painting into new directions. A lifelong student of Eastern and Western metaphysical thought, he combines Dadaist poetics with the expressiveness of the brush gesture to create compositions and figures which offer a paradox. His works are bold and assertive, yet their openness invites viewers to imagine their storyline. As the creative manifestation of the mind of a skilled jazz pianist and painter, Bill’s work combines the principles of music, color, and drawing in exciting abstract works. His paintings have been described as “symphonies of space, form, and color” and in fluid figure drawings which are ” lightning bursts of energy condensed into a fine line.”

An accomplished artist, educator, and author, he exhibits frequently and gives workshops and seminars on abstract painting and figure drawing, combining Zen and Modernist techniques.