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Barbara Banks picked up her first camera as a child and documented family activities and her own world with black and white film. She was initially inspired by her parents and later by her high school art instructor. Her appreciation of and for paintings by Modigliani, Picasso, O’Keefe; provocative photographic work of Arbus, Cartier-Bresson, Steichen; early animation; architecture; classical music and Brubeck’s jazz, rock and roll, folk; remnants of the ancients; and pop culture at large, served as further invitations to explore the world of art.

Today, Banks acts on curiosity about the world’s expansive, intimate, breathtaking, gritty, illusive, provocative, and impermanent qualities. Through the lens and using the magnificence of light, color, shadow, form, visual intimacy, and vulnerability, the subjects of her images are viewed and experienced, but not objectified.

Professionally, she is widely sought after for her editorial assignment work, environmental portraiture, and for her beauty/fashion photography. In addition to having worked on commission across the United States, she has exhibited her fine art photography in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and Sarasota and Naples, Florida.