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Born in Prague to Holocaust survivors, Andrea Dasha Reich’s early life was subjected to a continuum of Communism and all of its restrictions. Her dissident father’s fight against the regime would eventually result in the entire family being evicted from their homeland and finding refuge in Jerusalem, Israel. Leaving behind the dark world of Czechoslovakia and finding herself in Jerusalem—a place saturated in sunlight and vibrant bursts of colors that spanned further than the eye could see had a profound effect on the young girl. She was free to explore the brightly colored, be-jeweled landscape that the new world provided.

She attended the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and, at the age of nineteen, she migrated to Tribeca, New York, where she developed a successful career in the fashion and design industry. Her passion for art led her to open a studio and to develop a unique technique using resin and latex that remains her trademark.

Inspired by the organic shapes and planes found in nature, Reich’s works are an abstract woven interplay of rich color spectrums that explore depth and intimacy. Through the use of pure pigments and layers of epoxy resins, they let her visions breathe with motion and fluidity and inspire curiosity and surprise.