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Alexander Solotzew was born in Kaliningrad, Russia, in 1957. At a young age, he was admitted to the Art Lyceum for gifted children under the supervision of the Russian Art Academy in Moscow. Later, he enrolled in the world-renowned Fine Art Academy in St. Petersburg. After receiving his master’s degree in fine arts in 1980, he immigrated to Germany, where he began his artistic career.

His aesthetic language can be described as a fusion of figurative art with the elements of cubism and realism. Thematically, his canvases show his unquenching love of life and the immediate joy he finds in the process of creation. His paintings portray lively scenes that transmit his dynamic energy and “joie de vivre.” His unique palette and dynamic compositions beautifully compliment his unique vision and passion for love.

Solotzew has presented over two hundred exhibitions in Europe and the United States. His award-winning works belong to private and institutional collections in Europe and the United States.